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14 Valentines Day Books for Kids

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Here is our current collection of favorite Valentine's Day books for kids. We are a book loving family and I love switching out the books in their playroom for every holiday and occasion. I got this amazing little bookshelf thrifted but there are some similar options on Amazon, like this one. My kids love it because they can all get to all their books easily.

Side note, if you use my Amazon links it helps support our family and helps me to continue to share!

Here are the three new ones we got this year:

This book is so sweet. I got this one for my 11 year old daughter and it has some really kind messages about having compassion for others and yourself. Something I think we all could use right now.


If you have a big feeler in the house this is a great book for talking through feelings and opening up the communication about them. It reminds kids that it is ok to feel all of their feelings.


Little Critter books are a huge hit in our house and this is one we didn't have yet. I loved these books from my childhood and my kids reach for them more than any other series today.


The artwork in this book is what got me first but the story line is adorable. A story about real love and real life.


We have sang this song to our youngest since he was born and he always loves it. The book is just as lovely and he really enjoys reading it! I love pop culture books for babies.


I knew we had to have this one because of the art, it is so beautifully illistrated. But, the story had me even more in love. Don't pass by this book- it is absolutely darling and very uplifting.


Here is another great one for babies and toddlers! It is a padded board book that has come to be much loved in this house! We have always done the whole arm stretch "I love you THIIIIIS much" thing in our house, so the kids all get a kick out of this one, especially the youngest.


To really appreciate this one you HAVE to see the inside. The whole book has a fabric covered slinky running through a hole in each page which represents the Mama's trunk. Every one of my kids have loved this book to pieces - to the point that I should probably buy a new copy. It is one of those books that I enjoy as much as they do because it has the most darling words.


Another Padded Baby Board book that we love! My youngest is really past the board book days, but these ones are so sweet I can't seem to get rid of them and this one is a great counting book which he is still learning!


The first time I read this one I teared up. It is about loving everything about your little one. Every time I read this to my kids their eyes light up and I can tell they feel so special. This one is a keeper & must have to help your kiddos feel loved.


When Joy Cho of Oh Joy came out with her children's books series I knew we had to have every one. My youngest loves these books so much that I have just about memorized them. They teach about kindness, feelings and love and I think this one is a beautiful book to pull out for Valentines Day. It is a board book but honestly it is great for all children. The art is so bright an happy and it is beautifully written.

  • Winnie The Pooh's Valentine

I had this exact book as a child and when I saw it at a thrift store I was so excited. We love Winnnie the Pooh in this house so any time I see a vintage Winnie book I pick it up! Like all Pooh books it has a sweet story line and beautiful art that my kids an I both love. If you are a vintage lover, pick one of these up for sure!


No children's book collection is complete without this sweet story about true love between a girl and a bear. It is not necessarily a Valentines book but a beautiful book about love


Another board book here! And a sweet reminder to your kiddos how much they are loved. We have a couple of books from this series and I love all of them.


Let me know what your favorites Valentine's books are in the comments!

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