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The Best Poetry Books for Kids

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We have always tried to incorporate poetry into our homeschool curriculum. Some of these books are books we have cherished for years and some we are just starting to use in our Poetry Tea Time Tuesdays. These are all of the books I am currently using to teach poetry to my kids. Click on the numbers above or the photos below to learn more about the books.

Note: This post uses affiliate links to products which when purchased helps me continue to share. Thank you!

  1. A Child's Introduction to Poetry

This is my absolute number one favorite for teaching poetry to children of any age! Even my preschooler loves this book! It goes through various types of poems and teaches you about the format of poetry and a little history on each type. Then, the book gives super fun examples that my kids love.There is also has accompanying audio. My kids love hearing the audio instead of just having me read.

2. The Golden Books Family Treasury of Poetry

This one has a great collection from classic poets with poems that my kids really love. There are SO many poems in here that the whole family can appreciate.

3. The Random House Book of Poetry for Children

Another great collection of poems that children will love! So many funny, sweet and lovely poems that my kids love reading.

4. Julie Andrews' Collection of Poems, Songs and Lullabies

My mom actually bought me this one years ago and it is so beautiful and special. I just love Julie Andrews and her poems strike up the most beautiful images in your mind. The kids love to close their eyes to this one and then we talk about what they pictured while we read.

5. My America A Poetry Atlas of the United States

This book is so fun for adding a little geography to your Poetry Time. It has beautiful depictions of areas all over the United States along with lovely artwork. It is perfect for any little travel enthusiasts, or children studying American geography.

6. A Child's Garden of Verses

This is such a sweet book that was originally released in the 1800's. This book features poetry in a world of childhood magic with beautiful illustrations.

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